Thursday, February 26, 2009


I won the January Challenge over at Live to Scrap! It's the first real challenge I have won. I'm so excited! I can't wait to collect my goodies!

This is the link to the pages I did.

I have started my entries for the Feb challenge, but I am nowhere near finished yet, and only have 2 days left to complete them!

This Friday night & all day Sunday, I will be going to a scrapbooking retreat over at Jule's house. I am so excited. As soon, as I have finished the LO's I will post them up here for everyone to see.

Feb Challenge @ Allcraftz.

This was the challenge over at Allcraftz!

I must say, that this was the hardest scrapping I have ever done. Those who know me, will tell you I hate to follow rules.

The lovely ~E~ sent out packs of Making Memories paper samples, all about 2 x 1.5" in size, and we had to create the following. Using the clues below. Each clue could only be used once.
1. 12"x12" layout
2. greeting card
3. ATC set of 3
Clue 1: Back To Front- this clue applies to the picture you use. It must show the BACK of something- for example, instead of seeing a bright smiling face, we might see a fantastic hair do!
Clue 2: Not centimetres- this clue we had some great guesses on... it is indeed inchies. You must use at least 5 of your sample paper pieces on one creation as inchies.
Clue 3: Floor Covering- this one is all about matting. Matting is what many of us do to put a border around a pic, etc- all you do is put some card/paper/etc behind the pic with a small amount showing all around. You must have 3 items on your creations (on any piece, or on all of them) that show matting.
Clue 4: Colour In Disguise- again, good guessing. This one is for Black and White- but not your photo... you must use black and white embellishments somewhere, with colour from papers peeking out under them. The embellishments can be buttons, flowers, brads, etc and must partially cover some of the paper sample pieces that are coloured.
Clue 5: I thought I saw some writing?- you probably thought straight away "hidden journaling" and you would have been close- except it is writing, but not as journaling, and it isn't hidden... it's your title. You must include a title containing 1 word only, with more than 5 letters in that word- and it must end in a question mark (?).

So for my 12x12 LO. Using clue # 1 & 5.

My greeting card. Using clue # 2 & 3

And finally my set of 3 ATC's. Using clue # 4.

There will be 4 prizes awarded, one for each of the three pieces made, and an overall prize.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

January CC @ Live to Scrap

January CC @ Live to Scrap

I completed 3 of the challenges set by Jules

The colour challenge, based on blue, white & yellow.

The Sketch Challenge.
& The Quote Challenge.
(This quote chosen from a selection picked by Jules)